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Akhura model

Akhura is a premium online marketplace, a place for buyers and sellers to come together and trade almost anything in Cambodia via website

Our business partners are either clients or customers, depending on their position in the value chainand the services we provide to them. Our business model is centered on Akhura’s role as the key link between clients and customers.
Akhura For Buyers
Akhura integrates on-line shopping with the actual store to allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and convenient shopping experience. In other words, you can enjoy not only the low prices but save long trips to the store and have the merchandise delivered to your door.

Akhura brings you quality products at wholesale prices on even the smallest orders Akhura offers minimum orders as low as 1 item buyer protection and express delivery with full tracking.

Akhura will let you get what you want at a low price in a store in your neighborhood
Akhura For Sellers
All the wholesalers and distributors can cut down a significant portion of their sales cost by opening a store in Akhura. Store owners can sell their products to every person, small business or enterprise business.

Store owners can also sell products from other stores to significantly expand their business scope without increasing the working Capital.

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